Summer is a season packed full of exciting outdoor activities – where people are soaking up plenty of vitamin D, and generally getting more exercise and fresh air. The colder, more wet weather of the fall season however, can cause many of us to be less inclined to spend time outdoors and instead opt for a more sedentary and indoor-oriented lifestyle. There are many benefits of spending time in nature that extend throughout every season. Here are some ways that being outdoors can positively affect your well being. 

Physical Health

Aside from getting adequate amounts of vitamin D from the sunlight, spending time outdoors has been linked to higher levels of physical activity which directly combats the detrimental side effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time. Even a short walk daily can increase your bodies ability to burn fat, increase muscle strength, balance blood pressure, help maintain a healthy bone density, boost your immunity and can even lead to a longer life span!

Psychological Health

Multiple studies have shown that spending time in nature is linked to higher serotonin levels (the feel-good hormone), improved memory and attention span, and can even increase the activity in the part of our brains responsible for feelings of empathy and emotional stability. Spending time in nature can also reduce anxiety, increase creativity and can help combat depression.

Improved Sleep

Our sleep patterns are regulated by something called our circadian rhythm – also known as our internal clock, and these rhythms are naturally tied to the rising and setting of the sun. Spending too much time indoors being exposed to artificial light can interfere with our bodies circadian rhythms, which can ultimately disrupt our natural sleep patterns. Early morning exposure to sunlight has been shown to re-calibrate and balance these patterns.

Air quality

Indoor air pollution can be up to 62% higher than outdoor air and when it rains, the water droplets can effectively soak up dust and microbes, making the air even more purified for you to breathe. Doing deep breathing exercises while enjoying your time outdoors can increase your oxygen intake even more.

Enjoying time outdoors every day has a multitude of benefits ranging from boosting your physical health to enhancing your mood and mental clarity. This season, take some time each day to enjoy the natural benefits of this freely accessible tool to help maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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