Uncovering the Root Cause

Feeling down, overwhelmed or just downright awful?
What to look forward to

Have you found that you’re feeling really down lately? Feeling overwhelmed and anxious? Losing energy, or focus? Whether these feelings are new for you, or you’ve been struggling for some time, you’re not alone. Join Dr. Brett as she talks about how to use a naturopathic approach to identify the root cause of mental health struggles. You’ll learn how to weather challenging times and how to set yourself up to thrive again!

Presenter Bio

Dr. Brett Simpson is a Naturopathic Doctor who understands how the combination of a busy lifestyle and daily stress can impact several aspects of our wellbeing. Supporting her patients in maintaining a healthy balance, she works to establish health goals that will improve energy and optimize adaptation to stress. Dr. Brett is dedicated to getting to know her patients and understanding their state of health, which enables her to tailor health plans for each individual’s unique lifestyle. She works with her patients to optimize nutrition, balance hormones, improve immune function, and address mental and emotional stress.

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Hosted by:  the IV health centre
Presenter:  Dr. Brett Simpson, ND
Date:  Past Event