hormones, Hormones, HORMONES!

Learn how hormones change throughout your lifecycle and how to avoid those “Moody” side affects.

What to look forward to

Dr. Kaylee Driedger is a Naturopathic Doctor and new mom who understands your needs as a female, wife, mother and entrepreneur. During this talk you will learn how hormones change throughout your lifecycle and how to avoid those “Moody” side effects at every age. You will also learn the intricate workings of hormones in relation to female health, and how they change as you progress through life. Transitioning from adolescence into puberty, through pregnancy and the postpartum phase and what happens as you enter menopause…Dr. Kaylee covers it all. Learn what symptoms are associated with each hormonal shift and natural ways to mitigate the mood swing and more.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Kaylee Driedger is a Naturopathic Doctor who has a general family practice @theivheathcentre. Dr. Kaylee has a special interest in women’s health and injection therapies including aesthetics and IV nutrients. Dr. Kaylee became a first-time mom during the pandemic and is currently navigating her hormones and postpartum all while getting back to work and taking care of her patients. Dr. Kaylee believes that all women can have and do it all and that hormonal imbalances or feeling sub-optimally shouldn’t be a reason why women, at any stage of life, aren’t accomplishing their goals and feeling like a 10!

Community Talk – Free On-Line Attendance

Hosted by:  The IV Health Centre
Presenter:  Dr. Kaylee Driedger, ND
Past Event:  October 2020